Beeswax Kit Instructions!


Step 1: Create a double boiler by placing 1 Lb of your Beeswax into the pouring pitcher and allowing it to heat in a pot of boiling water. (heat to 145℉ [or 63℃])

Step 2: Once the wax is completely melted, remove the pitcher from the double boiler. As the wax begins to cool, set up the votive molds by putting the wick pin inside the mold, and resting the mold on a level surface. Make sure the wick pin is centered.

Step 3: After the wax cools slightly, carefully pour it into the votive molds.

Step 4: Let the votive molds cool for a few hours. Remove the votive from the mold by pulling on the wick pin. Then remove the wick pin, and insert the proper size candle wick.

Step 5: Cut the candle wick down to around ¼ of an inch before lighting and enjoy!!