General Candle Making Instructions!


Step 1: Create a double boiler by placing 1 Lb of your Natural Soy Wax into the pouring pitcher and allowing it to heat in a pot of boiling water. (heat to 185℉ [or 85℃])

Step 2: (optional) Add approximately 1 oz. (by weight) of your fragrance for your desired scent.

Step 3: As the wax cools slightly, use a glue dot to place the wick at the bottom of your candle jar(s). Make sure the wick is centered.

Step 4: After the wax cools to (approximately) 130℉, carefully pour it into the candle jars while holding the wick to ensure that it does not fall into the mixture.

Step 5: Set your wick bar across the top of your candle jar and pull the wick taut through the center slot. Ensure that the wick is straight and in the center of the jar for the cooling process.

Step 6: Allow your new candle to sit at room temperature overnight or until completely cooled.

Step 7: Cut the candle wick down to around ¼ of an inch before lighting and enjoy!!