Candle Making Tips & Tricks!

Here are some of the best tips & tricks that you might want to know for your candle making process!

CD-22 wicks are rectangle shaped, not circular. Be sure when placing your wick in the wick centering bar, that you insert the wick correctly.

Creating a perfect candle takes time and patience. Simply adding the fragrance or dye at the wrong time during the process can result in a poor performance in the long run.

Soy wax can create air pockets in the candle as it cools. To get rid of these pockets, use the stirring stick to poke holes around the wick, and use a hair dryer to fill the holes with wax from the candle.

Soy wax can hold a maximum of 1oz of fragrance per pound of wax. Going over this amount can cause pooling of fragrance in your candle, and it may not burn correctly. Going under this amount will cause your candle to not smell as strongly.

Having the wick centered during the cooling process is very important. An off center wick can cause the candle to not burn all of the wax in the jar, and will not burn correctly.